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Post-Natal and Home care services (PNHCS) is a registered agency dedicated to providing support to new-born babies, new mothers whether it’s a regular birth, C-section or multiple birth. We extensively provide childcare-nanny support to travelling and working parents but not limited to.

Our Post-Natal Care team pride in caring to help and support you in every step of your post-partum experience and on. We provide home care services to you and your family from day one, as you adjust to a new life with your new-born baby.

Our experienced staff provide childcare and other home support services to your family. We also pride in providing a range of support services to families caring for a child with a disability. We understand a family of a child with a disability can undergo enormous stress and fatigue and our abilities to adapt to any family situation makes us the prime choice in many homes for childcare and respite care. Our nannies are highly trained and experienced to provide range of services to meet your unique needs

We strive to provide support to families in the UK and international.

Competent Medical Senior Care

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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