A proxy parent’s responsibilities are like those of a nanny, but in the absence of the parent(s) for 24 hours a day. The proxy parent has sole responsibility for the running of the house, care of any pets, liaison with other staff etc.

Some proxy parenting can be stipulated in a nanny’s contract if the parents are away regularly (e.g. for work) and do not wish to disrupt a child’s routine, or a proxy parent can be employed on a temporary basis to care for children for a short-term absence of parents.

Our clients can be

  • Private families who need a helping hand
  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) clients
  • New mothers facing Post-Partum Depression

We get referrals from paediatricians, FSCD and private individuals and we make our best effort to meet the unique needs of all our clients.

We strive to keep our services accessible to families of all income levels. Please call for more information.


PNCS provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose hours at your convenience. Whether you need shifts in the morning, evening, weekends or weekdays, we will work with you to find an ideal schedule. We will work with you to find the hours you are looking for in homes that are the most geographically convenient for you.

what are the benefits you get working with us?

We offer attractive wages but more importantly PNCS provides you with the satisfaction of helping other mothers, babies and other children while working inafamilyenvironment


  • ChildCare experience
  • Own a vehicle and a valid driver’s license
  • Child Intervention Check
  • Child & Infant CPR Certificate
Other duties can be negotiated in the nanny contract.

What can you expect when you employ a PNHC Nanny?

The very best care and well being for your child within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your home.

Competent Medical Senior Care

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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